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Are You A Student, Looking to step up your daily activity planning?

Well, you’re at the right place, we help you meet your daily needs as a student.

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About Us

PlanDone is made for Students who would like to learn smart, be productive and access everything they need while studying in one place.

By giving you the ability to save your notes, tasks and lots more, which can be accessed at any time.

We aim to give you the best service you can ever ask for. We’ve created this platform for you so make sure you Plan and then complete (Done). 😉


create notes

Create Notes

You can keep your important ideas on the notes you create, and also access them at any time.

You’ll also be able to create as many notes as you want, edit, delete and re-save at your well.

Also, the notes are designed with multiple colours, to help you easily identify a particular topic.

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create tasks

Create Tasks

Create a task you’ll like to be completed with a time frame, and make sure it’s completed.

You’ll be able to create as many tasks as you please, edit, delete and re-save at your well.

It’s all up to you, start creating your tasks now.

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forecast CGPA

CGPA Forecaster

You’ll be able to forecast your CGPA score needed to be on either a first, second and third class based on your previous GPA scores.

The aim is to help you see what you need to come out with a first-class, so all the best!

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create links

Add useful links

Do you forget your school portal website frequently? If yes, well, now you don’t need to always remember it.

By creating links to various website you need frequently you'll always access them with one click.

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